Avnrich Token


Avnrich token ( AVN ) - The cryptocurrency for online shopping rewards , based on ethereum platform ERC20.
Name : Avnrich
Symbol : AVN
Decimal : 6
Total Supply : 1000000000 AVN

Utillity - To reward customers for making use of the online experience shopping platform, to serve as a means of payment and access to goods and products on the platform. 

AVN Token contract address : 


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         Our Dedicated Team Members  :
  •    Subham Chauhan
                                              CEO at Avnrich. 

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    •     Farah Islam

                                    Founder at Avnrich.

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    •    Varinder Kaur

                                Co - Founder at Avnrich.


    • Jenya Kovalev

                             Engineer at Avnrich.

    •       Jaspal Singh

    Finance and Operation Manager at Avnrich.

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    • Donna Mae Gadioni

        Marketing Manager at Avnrich.

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    •   Mary Grace Valeros

                          Head Community at Avnrich.

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    About Avnrich

    AVNRICH is an online shopping ecommerce company through the most secure payment system which includes paypal and cryptocurrency. Every shopping is rewarded with Avnrich token (AVN).

    AVNRICH (AVN) is an Indian technology company based in Kolkata that focuses on e-commerce and develops India's largest online marketplace.

    Avnrich platform is created to be the first One Stop online Shopping platform where all kinds of goods and services are available from any part of the world. Created with the aim to make the purchase of goods, products and services available to all it’s users while simplifying the system of payment through cryptocurrency and FIAT thereby ensuring all users have an all round robust shopping experience on its marketplace.


    Avnrich Whitepaper