Iron On Design

The Easy Iron On Vinyl Design


Iron on vinyl design is the best unique creative way to have your own decorated clothing.

Ironing of beautiful vinyl designs on your favorite jacket , jeans or handbag can save you from the price tag of high end designers while getting you the satisfaction of creating something truly unique. 


What is Iron On Vinyl Design ?

Iron on vinyl is the ironing of a vinyl design work meant to be transferred by by ironing on any soft material like fabric or leather .

How to do it ?

So you have your brand new iron on vinyl design in hand , and they look great. There`s just one problem : You aren`t quite sure how to attach them.

Have no fear . We`ll walk you through the process of how to iron on your new vinyl design step by step. Even if you  particularly aren`t crafty , relax 

The iron on vinyl design process is simple and doesn`t require much more than

  • A nice solid table
  • A hand iron 
  • Your garment and vinyl design
  • A pressing cloth (such as a handkerchief or sheet) just need something to protect your vinyl design and iron.
  • A little bit of patience

Lets get Started !

 Step 1: Iron the item that will receive the vinyl design . Lay the garment or fabric on an ironing board. Make sure any creases or wrinkles in the garment are smoothed out prior to attempting to place the patch.                           


Step 2 Place your vinyl design sheet in the desired position and a pressing cloth ( such as handkerchief or sheet ) over the top.


Step 3 : Set your iron about 300 temperature degree. ( DO NOT USE STEAM DURING  APPLICATION ) Make sure you have no water and no steam in your iron , that`s really important . you want it to be completely dry.


Step 4Press the iron down for 10 to 15 seconds then press it down the part of your design where your iron didn`t touch, its okay if it overlaps a little bit. 

Make sure the full design has been pressed by the iron for 10 to 15 seconds , if the iron doesn't cover the full design in one go then press the design part by part but the whole design should be done.


Step 5. Peel off the designs carrier sheet immediately. Congratulations , mission accomplished ☺


Now you`re done! Your Design is ready to wear or show off. 

See ? We told you it would be a quick and easy process . If you have any follow up questions . please feel free to ask. We`re happy to help !


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